Saturday, July 12, 2014

Where Bloggers Create 2014

I'm so happy to participate in this years
Where Bloggers Create virtual tour 2014
hosted by Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage.
Please stop by Karen's to check out all the other party goers. Thank you Karen for all your hard work in creating this funtastic virtual tour. 
Where Bloggers Create 2014
  If you are anything like me and are often curious, looking for inspiration, and may enjoy exploring some amazing studios, craft spaces, sewing rooms, then please join in on this wonderful studio tour of  Where Bloggers Create.  And as a bonus you get to meet some unique and interesting like-minded woman who often become friends. After all a friend may be waiting behind a strangers face.

I'm excited to be attending again this year. I have moved since last year, but I do have a small room carved out in our new basement with a big window to let natural light in. It's a smaller room then my last studio, but I have managed to make it work. Some of my things are still in boxes...I will find them eventually. 
 Serendipitously our new smaller home has a front room that I use for my office, just like my last home. Yippee! I hope that you will follow along with my new blog adventure, Petal & Lace Cottage.

Welcome To My Studio

Lots of natural light 
Thought I would put my vintage lamp replica 
in my room this time
Since we have no dining room in this house 
I thought rather then to sell my china cabinet I would use it for 
fabric and books etc.
My hubby made me this fantastic fabric rack 
My vision board and 12X12 scrapbook frames where 
I can display my next pages.  
My farmhouse kitchen island works great as a 
cutting table and for scrap-booking

My bookcase which will fill up when I find the rest of my stuff 
Some vintage family keepsakes.  Yes I did use that iron when I was a little girl
You might be asking, what does the "P" stand for when my name is Helena...
My dad nick-named me Pidge and it has stuck after all these years.
My Mothers Lazy Susan houses some of my trinkets 
My little photo printer for scrapbooking
The chandelier is from my old great here...Oh and the Mary Mary Quite Contrary Doll is in memory of my sweet Mom by the same name. Only she was not contrary 
Some previous creations
Embroidery sampler...I love to embroider

My Office 

Our antique chandelier adds some bling to my room
A room of my own
My morning sanctuary, where I write and enjoy my morning tea 

Enjoy The Party

Thank you all for visiting today 
There are many studios to visit, so I best get started.
Another big thank you to Karen for inviting me to the party 
and for inspiring me to get my room organized.  
Maybe now I will find my remaining unopened boxes.
  ❥❥❥.¸¸¸I leave you with this Beautiful collection of lace was sent to me across the miles all the way from Australia by a dear lady whom I now get to call friend...Thank you Linda...I was blown away by your lovely gift from the heart...Luv U

 Memory Box Creations is my poetry blog where you can find my studio from our last home. 
 Last year my husband and I downsized to another home across town and I thought..A new blog? Why not! At Petal & Lace Cottage I will share my personal touches to try and bring cottage flair to our new  home on a dead end street surrounded by trees in Beautiful Kawartha Lakes. I invite you to come along as we attempt to change an ordinary house into a home. 


  1. Thank you for giving me the Grand Tour of your New Studio Space. And your Creations are Amazing too! What Fun it is to visit each Creative Soul during this Party and see the very Essence of what brings them Bliss!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Lovely studio Helena!! Love your desk and the beautiful chandelier too. Thanks so much for the tour. Karen.x

  3. The lighting is beautiful. Very smart to bring in the china cabinet. It's perfect for fabric and treasures. You have a beautiful room. Thanks for joining the tour! I loved visiting.

  4. I think it is a great space, Helena! How nice that you will be able to repurpose your furniture into storage pieces in your creative space. I'm sure it will definitely come in handy!

  5. Oh a craft studio and a writing studio, you lucky lady. Really beautiful spaces and I like how you used what you had.

  6. What a charming creative space and love love your sanctuary. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Hi Helena! Your studio is lovely and I adore the fabric rack your hubby made you! What a fabulous idea! It serves double duty for storage and a piece of art!! Thank you so much for joining the party! I hope you are having fun!!

  8. What a beautiful space in which to create.

  9. Hi Helena, I love how you have repurposed so many pieces! Really great idea! That gift of lace is just stunning! What a sweet friend. Loved the heirlooms. The one looked to maybe be a fan. I love to embroider also. Yours is gorgeous! Happy to be a new follower.

  10. Hello Helena, nice to "meet" you. and I'm now a new follower. I love the name of your new blog. You've created a charming studio. I like how you repurposed the china cabinet and the island from your previous home. The fabric on the rack your husband made is fabulous. Love all of it. I think it's wonderful that you're using your mother's lazy susan to hold your trinkets. Why not enjoy it instead of having it tucked away in some cabinet, right? Your office is wonderful, too. So warm and inviting. xxx ~ Nancy

  11. You have beautiful well organizes spaces that must be joyful places to work. You embroidery is gorgeous!

  12. What a beautiful home, Helena (or should I say, "neighbour"?) I love how you repurposed the china cabinet for use in your studio - great idea! Looking forward to reading more!