Monday, April 27, 2015

Backyard Beauties

Loving our backyard view to our forest full of gorgeous birds
Of all these backyard beauties the Cardinal is my favourite

Yes, even a Turkey
Cardinal Visit

Morning dawned crisp and bright
Aloft from my dreams this night
Along the path all on our own
I wish you every joy I’ve known

On this bright morning loud and clear
His shrill echoed oh so near
Relishing first light, while sipping tea
The bird, the brook, the path, the trees

He sings not but for a spoken few
Yet now appears as if on cue
Snowflakes interlace with tearful eyes
As I look upwards to tree and sky

Whenever you should need me
Look to the cerulean skies
Raise your heart and soul upon the winds
To reveal a gladden red surprise

All things will be clear to you
Fate is in no one’s hands
You must let go
Let love expand

You’ll figure out
what you want to do
Keep doing your thing while staying true
Just keep being you…

© Helena White

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