Tuesday, July 8, 2014

❤ Welcome To Petal & Lace Cottage

When I first started my blog, Memory Box Creations ... three years ago, it was because I was encouraged by good friends that I should be sharing my poetry. Through this experience I met so many wonderful friends along the way and many serendipitous happenings began to unfold as I perused many other wonderful blogs. I was drawn to view beautiful decor and lovely craft artists, 
bouncing from one blog to the next. 
As a result I began sharing my own home decor and artful crafts  
on my poetry blog, Memory Box Creations.

So last year my husband and I downsized to another home across town and I thought..A new blog? Why not! At Petal & Lace Cottage I will share my personal touches to try and bring cottage flair to our new   home on a dead end street surrounded by trees in Beautiful Kawartha Lakes. I invite you to come along as we attempt to change an ordinary house into a home.

I have always thought of our homes as a safe haven, a warm and cozy sanctuary. It may be slow going, but I will be sharing my home decorating ideas as well as fun notions of other ways to bring unique and interesting beauty into our lives.

I am grateful for inspiration and imagination ♥*´`*•.✫ How our day dreams can become a reality, if we truly desire something, we can manifest it ♥*´`*•.✫ There is a certain magic about artistic expression and of the people who create ♥*´`*•.✫The imaginings of artistic talent is inspiring and hard to resist, no matter what form it takes ♥*´`*•.✫Creativity manifests as if by magic, something from nothing. Whatever you hope, whatever you dream, whatever you believe will materialize ღ ஆεlεɳa


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