Sunday, December 21, 2014

Comfort & Joy & Christmas Decor

Christmas is such a magical time
  As a child I remember starring into a shiny colored globe hanging from our tree and getting lost in the reflection and in my imaginings. Our Christmas tree is the result of many years of lovingly collecting meaningful ornaments. Vintage keepsakes that have been passed down from my Mothers tree; cherished ornament gifts have been received from family and friends.  Why some are not ornaments at all , but have rightfully earned a place on our tree as important mementos.  My childhood pendant watch; my late daughter Chantelle’s wee baby doll; even an adorable tiny Avon strawberry perfume bottle found it’s way on the tree lol! As I walk through our home and gaze into the shiny bulbs I get lost in my childhood memories of Christmas past.
Being lost in doing of decorating our house with all my traditional ornaments and Christmas keepsakes that evoke so many loving memories. Christmas music fills our home and Bayberry Cinnamon candles set the mood ི From my vintage Tree Top Angel to many antique babbles and bulbs that adorn our tree  simply by unwrapping these mementos some how honor those who are absent, yet are here in my heart always.  Their loving spirits echoes all through the house. 

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas ♥ ღ❄

Christmastime ❤ Early Morning
My Office Decor

Come Celebrate the Season
While you sip some spritz and wine
Welcome to the holidays
It's Christmas time!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tis The Season

 I am so grateful for the gift of Christmas Cards ღ 
I have for many years now always sent out Christmas Cards 
ღ My Mom sent them...her Mom did and most of my relatives and friends 
share in this Christmas tradition of sending Christmas greetings through the mail 
ღ I Love them!
Exchanging these artful cards truly say Merry Christmas. 
For me they hold tangible memories that are near and dear to my heart.  
I look forward to receiving these amazing works of art...
Christmas Cards, they are truly a gift from the heart ღ
This photo from our home last Christmas could be a Christmas Card
I sent this card out a few years ago.  
 It has to be my all time favourite card

Artist: Trisha Romance
Print: Star Of Wonder - 1993

Oh, by the way, I hang this print in my home every Christmas
You knew I had to have the print also...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shades of Summer Past

Morning Rituals

The morning sun rises over our house and blankets the forest behind with a shimmer of gleaming light.  The morning sun breaks through the canopy of dawn and the forest awakens.  Silence is broken by the birds as they respond in kind offering their heart-songs with devout eagerness.  My view from our living room windows is like having a front row seat in the best theater.

The morning calm soothes my soul along with the unease of everyday life stresses.  The quiet of the morning is intoxicating, natures purest form of meditation. Sipping my first hot cup of tea in the early hours as my world awakens has got to be one of my
most blissful moments.
A cup of tea may not solve everything, but it certainly soothes the soul...
❤ Our daily rituals are often overlooked ❤

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Monday, September 1, 2014

❤ Feeling Blue

   Gotta Love Cobalt Blue 

I have always had a fondness for Cobalt Blue Glassware

I love the way the sun shines through my collection 
reflecting the light

It takes me back to my childhood when cobalt blue glass 
appeared almost magical to me.

Joining Judith at Lavender cottage  for Mosaic Monday

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No Pantry! Watch me!

Anyone have a similar experience?   You tour a house to buy...fall in love with stand out features like...Cream coloured upgraded cabinets in the kitchen...granite everywhere... gorgeous hardwood throughout...vaulted ceilings...backyard deck the full length of the house overlooking forest behind...Awww...Love at first site...

...Wait!...No Pantry? What is a girl to do...

No Pantry! Just watch me!

Our laundry room off our kitchen has a closet. Hmmm?....  Do we really need another closet? 

 Heck no!

Thanks to my talented hubby, we now have a pantry just off the kitchen in our laundry room.
I forget to take a picture of it as a closet...darn, but you get the idea...picture it empty with one closet rod and shelf.

I re-purposed this kitchen cabinet for our pantry...
it is a perfect fit.
My hubby built shelves to partner with the cabinet

I love it! We took the closet door off, to make it easy to enter.
There is a door on the laundry.  Having two made it crowded.
Doesn't take much to make me happy lol! 
All is right with the world again Haha!