Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

An endless number of memories from my childhood are 
brought to mind just by the mention of the word “Home”
Walking up the lane to enter our house through the screen door,
where Mom welcomed me home from school, is a cherished memory. 
I also remember when the Bread man would come to our door and 
I got to pick a treat, whether it be Donuts or 
frosted covered Chelsea Buns.  I believe that within our homes 
is where we feel most secure, most peaceful and most happy. 
When I think of home I feel bliss.

Lets pour a cup of tea and walk down memory lane 
as we remember our Mom.
My Mother Mary’s favourite flower was the Iris

On this mothers Day
We all reflect on the Mother
we were blessed with.
I am truly thankful for my Mom
and today I especially miss her.
If your Mom is still in your life
Take a moment to express your love,
make her feel blessed.

My sweet Mom and me

Mary Helena Johnson Vollett 

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