Sunday, December 21, 2014

Comfort & Joy & Christmas Decor

Christmas is such a magical time
  As a child I remember starring into a shiny colored globe hanging from our tree and getting lost in the reflection and in my imaginings. Our Christmas tree is the result of many years of lovingly collecting meaningful ornaments. Vintage keepsakes that have been passed down from my Mothers tree; cherished ornament gifts have been received from family and friends.  Why some are not ornaments at all , but have rightfully earned a place on our tree as important mementos.  My childhood pendant watch; my late daughter Chantelle’s wee baby doll; even an adorable tiny Avon strawberry perfume bottle found it’s way on the tree lol! As I walk through our home and gaze into the shiny bulbs I get lost in my childhood memories of Christmas past.
Being lost in doing of decorating our house with all my traditional ornaments and Christmas keepsakes that evoke so many loving memories. Christmas music fills our home and Bayberry Cinnamon candles set the mood ི From my vintage Tree Top Angel to many antique babbles and bulbs that adorn our tree  simply by unwrapping these mementos some how honor those who are absent, yet are here in my heart always.  Their loving spirits echoes all through the house. 

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas ♥ ღ❄

Christmastime ❤ Early Morning
My Office Decor

Come Celebrate the Season
While you sip some spritz and wine
Welcome to the holidays
It's Christmas time!

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